Jack & Winn Brand Reps

Hi There,

We're so glad you're interested in joining our team! Take a moment to read about our Brand Rep program below, then shoot us an email at rep@jackandwinn.com.

What is a J&W Brand Rep:

When you sign up to join our team, you'll receive discounts for you and your followers. You'll also be given a custom code - and/or a link - that you'll share with your friends on social media (or IRL). When that link gets used, you get paid 10% of the purchase. Tweet about us, post in your stories, post on your Instagram feed, tell your friends in person, send out emails.. Get creative! When we get paid, you do too. 

Why a referral program? We pay Google and Facebook to get our brand out into the world, but honestly, we'd prefer to keep spreading the word through the actual consumers of our brand - the good folks who love our products! We didn't spend a dime on marketing our entire first year. Instead, word-of-mouth fueled our business and we were thrilled to see that genuine, organic growth.

Because of this, we've put together this program for all of you to take part in. Every single time you send a customer our way, we'll pay you as a thank you!

To Get Started: 

You'll need a PayPal account so we can pay you each month. You'll also need to purchase Jack & Winn product (at 30% off) so you can use it to promote our brand! If you already own J&W items and are able to use them in photos, there's no need to make that initial purchase. Shoot us an email - rep@jackandwinn.com - to receive the 30% code, and we'll also send you the link to sign up as a brand rep!

Can't wait to work with YOU.