#1 Wooden Cameras

By: Father's Factory
20% OFF Sitewide - Code: BLACKFRIDAY

We've been on the hunt for great wooden cameras and well, I think we found them. Beautiful, right?!

Father’s Factory offers durable wooden toys that enable kids to use their imaginations no matter their age. Their first product line is a series of wooden toy cameras with kaleidoscopic lens. Kids love them, and parents do too! FF creates beautiful wooden pieces of heirloom quality that double as toys and decor.

If that's not enough, Father’s Factory’s second product line is four styles of working wooden digital cameras (pictured right). They're the real deal and have beautifully designed wooden bodies. We're in LOVE.

#2 Custom Name Crayons!

By: Art 2 the Extreme
20% OFF Wed-Mon

Make your little artist's stocking pop with color this year with personalized crayons! Our personal favorites are the Custom Original Rainbow Crayon® Name Sets and the adorable crayon donuts!

As Seen In:
*Redbook Gift Guide
*Southern Living
*Cool Mom Picks

#3 Tender Leaf Wooden Toys

By: Tender Leaf
Available on Amazon 

The first toy that brought us to Tender Leaf was a beautiful wooden dollhouse. After exploring the catalog of all their wooden toys, we were hooked!

Tender Leaf was created by craftsmen and designers. These experts used their knowledge and creativity to bring a beautiful wooden toy range that has brought back the excitement of playing with wooden toys.

Additionally, their devotion to social and environmental issues is impressive and worth reading about over on their site! Tender Leaf is an all-around great choice and one of our favorites on the list!

#4 IlluStory


We love IlluStory! Fuel a child's love for books, drawing and storytelling with IlluStory, a complete kit for writing, illustrating and publishing their very own hardcover book.

If Comics are more of their jam, well, that's an option too! They send a kit, your child illustrates a story with your help, and you mail it in to receive a hardcover book! How cool is that? IlluStory and My Comic Book kits can be found on Amazon or in stores. Check your local Barnes & Nobles!

#5 Mochi Kids

By: Mochi Kids
20% OFF Sitewide

Why we love Mochi Kids:
Take a look at their Instagram and you'll see.. Mochi designs are fun, fresh and unique! They truly stand out in the crowd.

Mochi Kids takes social responsibility very seriously and they source the majority of their materials right here in the United States. Each shirt sold in the shop is hand screen-printed by the owner in her in-home studio, or at a local print shop. For these reasons and more, we think Mochi deserves a spot under your tree this year!

IG: @mochi_kids

#6 Fire 7  

Fire 7 Tablet: Well, no need to explain why we love the Fire 7 Tablet! This is such a great deal. Make sure to snag one on Black Friday for the perfect, most exciting Christmas gift.

  • Save up to $89 on a full-featured Fire 7 Tablet, 1 year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, a Kid-Proof Case with built-in stand, and 2-year worry-free guarantee.
  • The included 1 year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited gives your kids access to over 20,000 apps, games, books, videos, audiobooks, and educational content from PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, Disney, and more.
  • Create screen time limits, set educational goals, and filter content with easy-to-use parental controls.

#7 Bannor Wooden Toys

By: Bannor Toys
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20% OFF

Bannor has put a modern spin on the vintage art of wooden toys! Handmade one at a time, organic, and safe for your little ones; their wooden toys will become heirlooms to pass down the generations.

Their beautiful handmade blocks are a staple, and how incredible is that cash register?

We've also included their wooden camera because it has moving parts (hard to find!), and is customizable! Head to Bannor Toys to check off a few items on your list.

#8 Alpha-bots

If we could give these Alpha-bot Toys 10 stars, we would! We had no idea just how much Jack and Winn would love playing (and learning) with these unique toys.

  • S.T.E.M. Alphabots Figures include Variant Letter Robots that are able to easily transform, combining fun and learning.
  • Durable and high-quality toys for ages 3+.
  • Available in number versions as well so your child can collect them all.

#9 Nurished

Why we love Nurished:  It's simple.. The ingredients! Or lack thereof. Nurished products have no added, artificial ingredients and they spell out what's inside the package right on the front. The best part? Kids LOVE the taste of both the Immune Booster (taken like a pixie stick) and the Mighty Chocolate Milk.

Mighty Chocolate Milk:
8 grams of protein
15 Spinach Leaves
2 billion probiotics

Immune Booster:
Acerola cherries
100 mg vitamin C
50 mg Zinc
Happy, healthy kids!

#10 Indoor Jungle Gym

#11 Minimalist Diaper Bag

Why we love Ryla:
  We've been through a few diaper bags. This is our favorite! Why? Because we are still using it 4 years later, baby free. Our kids outgrew the need for a diaper bag, and this transitioned perfectly! It is well thought out, compact, and comfortable. It's also wipeable and extremely durable for traveling, beach trips, you name it.

We know this is a kids list, but parents need gifts too! These packs are the perfect gift for new moms and dads.

  • Washable, Wipeable, Water Resistant
  • Size: 11" x 6" x 14"
  • Changing Pad Included
  • Wet Bag Included

#12 Magic Adventures Globe

Why we love Leap Frog's Magic Adventure Globe: Simple. Our kids spend hours playing with it! This globe might just top the list as a kid favorite! Here's why:

  • Go beyond countries and their capitals with this enhanced globe that explores cultures, animals, habitats, and more through 5+ hours of BBC videos. That's right, BBC videos! We were pleasantly surprised by the screen quality.
  • Tap anywhere using the stylus to hear thousands of facts, interact with unique games and trigger videos that let kids visually experience the world.
  • Features a 2.7" LCD screen that displays video and animations with playful characters that guide children through games and activities.
  • Race around the world, discover new places and solve mysteries by answering questions in three entertaining interactive games
  • Intended for ages 5-7 years. We, the adults, learned a thing or two as well!

#13 IQ FIT

Perfect stocking stuffer alert!
  The IQ Fit game might seem small and simple, but we can't leave it alone! It too has been kid-tested and gets two thumbs WAY UP.

  • 120 brain teasing challenges, from easy to expert.
  • A perfect travel game! The game board has a lid so you won't lose the pieces.
  • Helps develop planning and spatial insight cognitive skills.

We assumed it would only appeal to Winn, our 6-year old, but boy were we wrong. Jack, 4 years, has spent just as many hours completing the challenges! With several levels of play available, we as parents have too.

#14 Disney Favorites

Disneyland Adventures XBOX One:
Amazon $19.99

If you love the Disneyland Theme Park in CA and own an XBOX One, this is for you! Take a jaunt through a near-perfect replica of the park, play mini games in all of the well-known attractions, collect autographs, and more.

Disneyland Adventures is magical for the whole family!

Disney Codenames
Amazon $19.39

The Codenames Disney Family Edition combines Codenames, the #1 party game, and beloved Disney characters and artwork from the past 90 years. What's not to love?

A family favorite game, perfect for all ages, easy to learn and features everyone's favorite Disney characters!

#15 Matching Hats

By: Jack & Winn
Sitewide 20% OFF + Other Deals (Starts Thursday 10pm)

Jack & Winn: Okay, okay, this is our list.. Of course we made it! However, we genuinely believe that our hats deserve a spot under your tree this year. Why? Well, besides being oh so stylish and the perfect accessory, our hats are at great price point for an add-on gift, and our interchangeable patches make the perfect stocking stuffer.

Also, you're practically giving yourself a gift here, because there's nothing better than seeing cute babies and toddlers (and matching dad?) in something mini and ridiculously adorable. Black Friday sales start at 10pm on Thursday, and those with the fastest fingers could get up to 40% off!

#16 Loom Journals

Why we love Loom: While other journals only record milestones and memories, the Loom Journal also documents and strengthens your relationship with your child in the present by providing a place to have conversations, do activities, and answer questions together. They're beautifully made and the perfect gift.

#17 Matching Ties

Ties By: Boon Ties
Sitewide 30% OFF with code "JackandWinn"

Neck Ties. Bow Ties. Hair Ties!

Big or small, ties for all! We've done our research when it comes to ties, and Boon Ties is where it's at. They've been in business longer than the rest and it shows. We'll let the beautiful designs do the talking here. Head over to Boon Ties so the whole family can match this holiday season!

#18 Nintendo Switch Lite

You've probably seen the Nintendo Switch at this point, but have you seen the more compact Nintendo Switch LITE?

  • Handheld, smaller, lighter, Nintendo Switch gaming at a great price.
  • Compatible with all physical and digital Nintendo Switch games that support Handheld mode.

#19 Tubby Todd

Black Friday begins Thursday, 11/28 at 9pm

Everyone loves Tubby Todd! The company started as a gentle solution for sensitive skin and its product line has continually expanded. If you have kids, this is for you. If you have skin, well, this is for you!

Need a gift for kids? Teachers? Stockings? Expecting mamas? Check out Tubby Todd's Gift Guide to cross a few gifts off your list.

Hate wrapping gifts? Snag a beautiful gift set, add a ribbon and you're good to go.  

#20 Subscriptions

National Geographic Little Kids (ages 3-6): Full of stunning photos and facts!

Anorak: UK based but available in the U.S. as well. Visually stunning and full of games, activities, and stories.

Bookroo Book Club: Our top pick! Specify your child's age and you'll receive a box of books each month. $17/Mo

We Craft Box: A subscription box for little crafters and artists!  $29.99/Mo

#21 Personalized Book

We own a few of these books and the boys grin ear-to-ear when we read them! They're the perfect, unique and thoughtful gifts.

#22 Brainy Blocks

Sign Language Blocks: $36 These educational blocks make grasping the ABCs of American Sign Language child's play.

Periodic Table Blocks: $32 Introduce your little one to the Periodic Table with these fun, colorful blocks.

Finger Counting Blocks: $30 Teach your little one to count with their fingers with these adorable walnut and maple blocks. 

Spanish/English Blocks:   $37
Bring up a bilingual baby with these Spanish and Mandarin Chinese wooden block sets.

#23 Gifts for 0-2 Years


Superfood Teething Toys: $18 Perfect for soothing wee ones' aching gums.

Spike Fine Motor Hedgehog: $10.99 Build fine motor skills and learn to color sort with this cute hedgehog.

Child Keepsake Library: $85 Safely store keepsakes like hospital bracelets, first teeth (gross?), favorite binky, etc.

My First R/C Car: $15.95 Our boys spent HOURS playing with this RC car. Easy to drive for ages 18-36 months.

Homi Folding Pikler Triangle: $259 Baby and toddler tested & approved! We can't believe how much little ones love this easy-to-store jungle gym.

Bette Geometric Sort: $11.88 We're all about those motor skills! Motor activities can hold toddlers' attention like nothing else.

#24 SleeperHero Doll and Clock

Why we love Sleeperhero: Sleeperhero comes with a doll and bedtime story. The doll has a light on its chest that changes from red (stay in bed) to green (time to get up). Adults set the clock timer to fit their child's unique sleep schedule, and kids get to play a positive role in their sleep routine! The Sleeper Hero is a night light, cuddle buddy, and clock all in one. Jack and Winston LOVE their Sleeper Hero and we think your kiddos will too.

#25 Vintage Toys

Find on Amazon:
Variety $5 - $100

There's an "ultimate list of retro toys" over on Amazon and it's awesome. Check out their variety of nostalgia-invoking items! We spent hours playing with Lincoln Logs as kids, and we still have our Fisher-Price record player. We also LOVE the idea of retro board games. In fact, we own the Retro "Guess Who" game.

Don't forget the adults on your list. There are some rad items like this typewriter-inspired wireless keyboard (below).

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